According to CAA Quebec, the annual driving costs for a sub-compact car was from $9,500 in 2013 which represents 51 cents per kilometer.Therefore, the actual costs are far superior to the initial purchase.

Despite its small size, this vehicle will emit more than 18,273kg of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) over a 5 year period.  To know more click on


Coût utilisation voiture. CAA Quebec

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 Over the past decades the automobile and recreational vehicle industry have made important progress in terms of design, security and performance. The number of vehicles have also increased considerably over this same period resulting in more traffic congestion, pollution and let’s be honest here, more debts.


CAA Quebec actually dedicates an entire section on its website on the actual costs related to driving a car. For its part, the Quebec Government published a report in 2013 which confirmed that the transportation sector was the most responsible in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) with more than 40% of combined emissions, half of which are produced by light-duty vehicles. Finally, a recently published survey (La Presse + Affaires du 20 janvier 2017) confirms an increase of 9.5%, between 2015 and 2016 of debts related to automobile loans.

 There are a number of options that exist when considering the reduction of fuel consumption or the decrease of driving costs and it is even possible to do both. Here at Adrenalube® we know that our four exclusive cleaning lubricant formulas will allow you to improve the performance of your vehicle and save on expenses linked to maintenance, repairs and fuel consumption all while rendering your vehicle more eco-efficient.


I have bought and used different types of vehicles over the past four decades and have been using these products since the beginning of the 1990’s. I have witnessed savings and increased performance realized by dozens of users that have benefited from the unique efficiency of these products. However, it was relatively difficult to obtain these products as they were generally distributed and limited to the industrial sectors.


In creating this website, Adrenalube® firmly expresses its intention to assist consumers in maximising the use of their vehicles in the most beneficial way possible in regards to both efficiency and a reduction of the carbon footprint.


While using our products your vehicle will become energized, run more smoothly and consume less fuel.


Your wallet and our planet will thank you for it !


Pierre J. Beauchamp