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According to CAA Quebec, the annual driving costs for a sub-compact car was from $9,500 in 2013 which represents 51 cents per kilometer.Therefore, the actual costs are far superior to the initial purchase.

Despite its small size, this vehicle will emit more than 18,273kg of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) over a 5 year period.  To know more click on


Coût utilisation voiture. CAA Quebec



Sports and supplements


You would consider dietary supplements.


Supplementation is the act of using a supplement (or dietary complement)

to compensate for any deficiency.


Supplementation can have a therapeutic effect

and can prevent the development of potential diseases.






Performance and stock car racing


Starting now you can consider the very same thing for your car.


The inner workings of an engine with all of its components are just as complex

and demanding as that of your body and require particular attention if your goal

is to obtain durability and performance all while saving on maintenance costs.


The reality of it is quite simple.

Friction leads to deterioration and this inevitably leads to less than optimal performance,

increased cost of  repairs as well as atmospheric pollution.