According to CAA Quebec, the annual driving costs for a sub-compact car was from $9,500 in 2013 which represents 51 cents per kilometer.Therefore, the actual costs are far superior to the initial purchase.

Despite its small size, this vehicle will emit more than 18,273kg of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) over a 5 year period.  To know more click on


Coût utilisation voiture. CAA Quebec

Press release issued by Nitro9 US on February 1st 2017.

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Press release. Nitro9 USPress release. Nitro9 US

Chronique publiée dans la Revue Motoneige Québec  Édition Février 2017,section "Quoi de Neuf" (page 17)


Column published for snowmobiles


Column published in the magazine Revue Motoneige Québec, February 2017 Edition, What’s New section (Quoi de neuf, page 17)



In the context of motor vehicles, friction is the enemy of efficiency and performance. Indeed, the energy required to manage the resistance does not propel the vehicle forward but rather contributes to increasing fuel consumption and impairs function. However, there are products that exist which can help diminish nasty friction therefore increasing performance (in the larger sense of the term), reducing wear and tear and improving the reliability and durability of components. A product able to accomplish this task is molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), a lubricant which has proven itself the very demanding circumstances of heavy transport. The Province of Quebec based Company Adrenalube has just launched a complete range of products featuring MoS2, (including other proven and advanced compounds), products that will help you improve the operation of your snowmobile as well as any other motorised vehicles. Amongst others, we would like to mention the engine treatment ZP-700, of which the basic active ingredients contain micronized molybdenum disulphide to diminish friction of engine components by more than 45%, all while diminishing vibrations, improving performance and reducing fuel consumption.